Nike Air Max 1 Shoes Strong evolutionary return,Get everyone's approval!

Recently, NIKE's official website has just exposed the latest in a series of sports shoes NIKE AIR, although still kind available yet, but from some of the appearance of NIKE official website pictures, enough so that everyone on this latest NIKE air max 2014 has a great expectations. nike air max series will continue to explore the endless, eyes that will debut next year, double that of fresh blood. Shoes engineering mesh material compared to this year's shoes showing a more beautiful lines, and gradient color is undoubtedly the first commercially available color exposure of five of the most eye-catching. cheap air max 1 leopard, can be used to describe the psychedelic cool, three-dimensional sense of the full pattern, people have a mood-elevating feeling. From the official website of the exposure of the image point of view, this shoe soles transparent material may be a design, add special effects, although do not rule out the possibility of beauty, but it is on the visual sense, this shoe is undoubtedly a very great works . Of course, based on a standard of NIKE, technological elements of this shoe is certainly not small, such as whole palm big cushion design, breathable mesh design, can make the movement of people, has a dry exercise good mood, but also has the most meticulous protection. New nike air max 2014 shoes will be officially on sale in spring next year, the first to release a sample online sellers sell. Geological map-like vamps like texture is its biggest feature different areas with different colors and mesh surface morphology showing that this section sample with black mesh background with orange and accompanied by orange/red gradient whole palm Max Air. In conclusion, let us look forward to the shoe properly baked it!

Nike introduced the first six years ofNike Air Max 2014, with the changing times, this classic shoes still unabated ** in style. As we all know, is engraved ** brand power very common thing, but most of the time is engraved works of the times, or the critically acclaimed ** shoes, wanted to be Air Jordan series. But why is this the engraved double Air Griffey Max 1? Perhaps because these shoes at the same time has been sought **, and rampant in this retro classic is ** to do more and more a part of the trend of the time to get on the table, this pair of Air Griffey Max 1 GS version of the New You can also see a bright future. This shoe body with a white background, with black matte leather to trim and stability. While referring to the blue-pink color of the south coast of shoelaces, dressing shoes brand logo, WINDOW AIR MAX cushion midsole and black rubber outsole on to retro fashion shoes add a lot of bright colors.Nike Air Griffey Max 1 has always been the go out of style and then brought Seattle's new image full of color, a bit like the shoe body design launched last year Safari. Ken Griffey Jr.with a black/white/fluorescent blue for pattern design printed in full color with a unique shoe body, in perfect match did not feel the slightest exaggeration; shoes will today August 15 at the official foreign began commercial MLB legend strong thugs Ken Griffey Jr. classic shoes Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Exposure new south coast color, black suede shoes with the same tone midsole and lining, combined with a unique embellishment detail on vamp baby blue ink, shoe Swoosh and Velcro surface 24 back number using purple accents. It is reported that this new color of the Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Code: 354912-014, coming soon. Recently,Cheap Nike Air Max Griffey 1 GS Summer new color on sale soon. The new shoe has a very serene appearance, covered covered with deep sea blue, as if dressed for summer breeze brings. In terms of color ride, lots of turquoise color and bright green color shoes will make the whole more lively. The most striking shoes than exposed air, ice blue cushion given the shoes more breathable overall sense. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale May 11, like friends do not miss.