Hull, City Hall, 27th February 2003

Set List

Long Cool Woman / Here I Go Again / Jennifer Eccles / Yes I Will / Look Through Any Window / Sandy / Butterfly / Iím Alive / Fire Brigade / Weíre Through / On a Carousel / Blowiní In the Wind

How Will I Survive / Sorry Suzanne / Just One Look / The Baby / Soldier Song / Gasoline Alley Bred / Too Young to be Married / Bus Stop / / Blackberry Way / Carrie Ann / Stop! Stop! Stop! / The Air That I Breathe / Tiger Feet / I Can Hear The Grass Grow / He Ainít Heavy / Itís In Every One of Us

The Holliesí concert at Hull was a real eye-opener, in many respects.

Firstly, the set list was planned in such a way that the variety of  songs slotted together perfectly, giving the effect of a long (but smooth) roller-coaster ride through old and new. The flow of the programme was incredibly fresh and every song revitalised, punchy, and sounding brand new.   

It takes a lot of effort and thought to make songs that are remembered by what people may have only been able to listen to on original recordings sound as good as ever, yet different. That is exactly how these concerts come across, every time, every tour.  We have five class musicians on the stage, all with very different and diverse musical abilities and these abilities gel into one amazing sound. This sound was what I have heard called "The Cream Of Harmonies" of the 60s. Add to this the 40 years of musical experience, performing and playing these five musicians have between them and you get one amazing result. Now add to this a  lead singer whose voice not only blends perfectly within those harmonies, but can carry off any type of song from rock to ballad with perfect ease, and there is no argument. This band is pure gold.  Carl Wayne had the whole theatre singing in unison at Hull and The Hollies raised the roof of the City Hall. Carl had us all riveted to the spot with his performance; I was not ready for the sheer energy that went into this show.  

Once again Ian has done an amazing arrangement for the programme. Ray! Where have you been hiding that voice, it really is something else? Alan, I haven't heard a Strat played so freshly for a long, long time, it's just brilliant! Tony, why have you waited so long to sing that song? You wrote it and you should have always sung it too. It sounds fantastic. Bobby. What can I say, I am lost for words. Just the most fluent and gifted drummer whose abilities are out of this world. And Carl, not only the most liquid vocalist I have ever heard, but also the most professional front man I have seen to date. All six Hollies had the audience at Hull in raptures, their input was amazing and the crowd rocked the hall as they left the stage, the clapping and foot-stamping leaving me deaf.    The newly recorded CD Track "How Do I Survive" was lapped up by the audience and they left the foyers of the City Hall buzzing. 

As someone who is about to exit the music business after many years, I have to say what a pleasure it has been to be part of the audience and band of faithful fans that follow this band. As the last song of the set states "We can all know everything, without ever  knowing why" and this is so true. Thank you Hollies (all six of you!) for what has been an exciting and memorable journey. 

Review by Maria Macari

Photo by Helen Macdonald

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