tribute by elaine wayman

I met Carl way back in 1968 when he was singing with The Move, wow what a show, each group member wearing a different coloured suit and Carl out front "playing" with the microphone. Even then hearing his fantastic powerful voice sent shivers down my spine.

My friend Avril and I went miles every weekend to the Move gigs and we were avid fan club members, waiting every week for the latest newsletter to drop through our letterboxes. I think we must have been the biggest Move fans ever! We were heart broken when Carl left the band, but since then I have followed his solo career very closely from the times when he was in panto, when he started at the Talk of London, Lunchtime with Wogan, The Pink Windmill with Rod Hull and Emu, Blood Brothers and many more shows along the way.

I have always enjoyed The Hollies music, so I was thrilled when he joined the band some five years ago and that's when I met Helen and I'm proud to say that we have become firm friends too. Together we've travelled many miles to see Mr Wayne and I have made lots of new friends through going to the concerts. I've introduced my friends to Carl's music too and they in turn have been devastated to hear the very sad news of his passing.  No matter how busy his schedule might have been he always had time for a chat.

The last time I saw Carl was at Wisley back in June, a lovely hot sunny afternoon, drinking wine and picnicking with new friends and listening to his beautiful voice. I text'd him on his birthday to say Hi and thought it strange not to hear back from him, little did I know that he was in hospital. My thoughts and prayers were with Carl, Sue and Jack constantly and still are. There's so much more I want to say ...but I'm just so proud to be able "to call him my friend". While we listen to his music he'll always be with us and if you look out tonight at the sky I'm sure there will be an extra twinkly star.

Love ya Carl,

Elaine Wayman xxx

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