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Bev and Carl in the very early days of the Move

bev and carl in the very early days of the move 

Reminiscing about their time together in The Move, Bev Bevan regretted that its four members had never re-formed. 'It is a real shock.
I was rehearsing with my band when phone calls came in telling me Carl had died and it didn't sink it at all,' said Bevan. 

'It is just beginning to dawn on me that I am never going to see him again - it's a really weird thing. I knew he had cancer but only two weeks ago he was touring with The Hollies and he had gone into hospital for a check-up. This time he never came out.

'I have known him for 40 years. We were close in The Move and we have always kept in touch and seen each other once or twice a year. There was always talk of a Move reformation but we never got round to it and it is a sad thing we never will now. Ironically, the record company is releasing a compilation CD of The Move later this year and a live album is also due. It will be quite a fitting tribute to him now.'

According to Bevan, Wayne dominated when the band performed on stage and he relished every moment playing the bad boy in the spotlight.

'He was typical Leo, a leader, and on stage he was fantastic, he was the focal point. He used to close the show by smashing up televisions with an axe on stage. He was a very strong guy and was absolutely the centre of
attention and he loved it. He would like to be remembered in that way, in his prime. I have had friends who have wasted away with cancer and it is terrible to see. At least he died with his boots on and was out doing what he loved until he died.

'He was an energetic man and although he was now with The Hollies, his first love was The Move. I think he would like to be remembered that way.'

As printed in the Birmingham Post & Mail, 2nd September 2004

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