tribute by beth brandt

Dear Carl,  

Two years ago I had never heard of Carl Wayne and thought the Hollies were another band that defined the music in the sixties. These opinions changed when my husband, Bruce, returned from Cohassat. I acquired a new appreciation for the Hollies and discovered you.

I first heard your voice on our answering machine. It seemed that you and Bruce had known each other for years.  You were  like that. You talked to people like you'd always known them. I couldn't believe that the lead singer of the Hollies left a message on our machine. COOL!!!  

I was glad I was sitting down when Bruce told me we were going to England to meet our new friend and your web page CEO, Helen.  We would then travel to Baden Baden to see the Hollies perform. Finally, I was going to see the Hollies and hear you sing the Hollies hits.

When you sang Soldier's Song, I was hooked. Allan Clark couldn't measure up. When I met you after the concert you embraced me, kissed me (several times) and made me feel that you was glad to meet me. I remember telling you that you were great.  Your reply was, "I don't know about that."  Modest to a fault. In the past two years I have seen you perform seven times. Your stage presence was extraordinary. I loved watching you perform because you had so much fun on stage and it spilled over into the audience. Carl, you had a gift!!

It was sharing a meal or something to drink that meant the most to me. Bruce, Helen and I and occasionally other people would get together and hang out with you. I'll miss those times.  Just being with you. Talking about life and music. Building a friendship that would have lasted longer than the two years that it did.   

So dear Carl, I want to say thanks.


Thanks for your musical legacy.

Thanks for your humor.

Thanks for your friendship.

Thanks for introducing us to people from different countries who share their lives with us.

Thanks for you r inspiration.

Thanks for reminding us that life is precious.

And thanks for allowing two crazy Americans to share the last two years of your life with you.  

And so, dear Carl, happy trails until we meet again. I'll love you forever,


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