I Prefer Older Women says Carl Wayne

Rave, March 1970

Interview by Julie Webb

Somehow one always imagines that when a man reaches his late twenties and decides to settle down, he will pick the youngest and dolliest looking girl he can find. It also seems acceptable for an eighteen-year-old girl to marry a thirty-year-old man; yet if an eighteen-year-old man chooses a thirty-year-old woman for his wife, there's an uproar.

What's so wrong with being a single girl of over twenty-one who falls for a younger man? More often than not it's the guy who falls for the girl. People are always too ready to condemn this sort of relationship with "he's looking for someone to mother him" or "of course she's a career woman and dominates him like mad" or "when he's thirty she'll be forty and well past it." Yet a female has definitely not passed her prime at forty and still has the power to hold a man and be admired by others.

We spoke to two guys in the pop business who have both been out with girls older than themselves. They were not mothered or dominated by their girlfriends, they didn't deliberately set out to find themselves "an older bird" and they are both happy with what they've got! And that's the way it ought to be.

Carl Wayne is twenty-six - tall, good-looking with a very strong personality, and would never be dominated by any female. He had this to say:

"I've always felt older than I am and find that talking to people of my age is often boring. Older women have had more experience - they're wise, shrewd and always have something interesting to say. Younger girls just seem to want to know things about me. Besides, I couldn't consider going out with an eighteen-yea-old girl in my sort of work- she'd depend on me too much. I need a girlfriend who is independent enough to go out by herself or with friends when I'm not there and lead her own life."

Some older women are obviously still very attractive, but not so attractive as they were at, say, eighteen. Does this put you off at all?

"No! Initially I'm attracted by looks, but you soon get bored with a face. I want a woman who knows her own mind- so when you ask her where she would like to go when you go out, she can suggest a place not just sit there with a blank face. That's far more important to me than her looks. With an older girl you know exactly where you stand - and I want a genuine relationship that ticks from the start. You see they've all had the upsets that go with early relationships and know what they want - so it's up to us, men, to make them happy.

"Generally, an older girl would have suffered all the irritable ways of men and is more likely to understand them. A young girl would just put up with it. Also I think it's very important for a woman to get over to you what she likes and what she dislikes. They are very straight with you and perhaps the only emotion they hide is jealousy - and no man likes to see a jealous woman." 

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