"This Guy's A Phoney"

Fab 208, November 1969

Interview by Julie Webb

He's supposed to be evil, wicked, dangerous and a heel, picks fights, always speaks his mind and doesn't care who he hurts on the way. His name is Carl Wayne and wherever he goes his reputation goes before him. But this guy is a phoney! If you don't believe us, read on for further proof!

The only evil thing about Carl is perhaps the occasional look he gets in his eye. But then all of us can look evil at times. He doesn't go around picking fights, but is often on the receiving end of some "heavies" who fancy "having a go" at him.

"Usually we don't need advance publicity," Carl says. "It's put in a delicate way that we are the 'arch non-conformists' and, on occasions, this can cause an atmosphere. People take an arrogant attitude towards us and try and find out if we really are like that. Promoters used to look for an excuse not to  pay us, so we deliberately played longer so they couldn't accuse us of playing short time!

"For instance, there was one particular ballroom promoter who came up to us when we'd finished on stage and yelled that we'd only played forty minutes. We showed him our contract that stated we play for forty minutes only, and then he turned round and said we'd only played for thirty-five minutes. A few will try anything to get out of paying you. We've never been deliberately violent, vicious, or evil - we just react suitably to fit our environment.

"On another occasion some people at the front were taking it out of Roy. Twenty of them lined up for us outside. The police refused to intervene until the fight had actually started. Three people in the fight were taken to hospital afterwards."

Carl hasn't got a smooth pad where he raves till all hours of the morning, but lives at home with his mother and their dog!

"I'm happily living at home for the present, but if I move out it will be to live in London." He's bought his mum a washing machine and spin dryer, a car and her own business.

"On the exterior people think I'm very hard and sometimes they tend to be rude. I hate rudeness and I hate to see people who are taken advantage of. I hate snobbery and I hate poverty. Poverty in young people and in the old."

Carl does his "bit" for the poverty-stricken. He's donated money to charities like Oxfam and also the group have played for various charities. Last year they bought 500 records and took them to a hospital to give them to the children. Then there was a girl fan who wrote to Carl from hospital, so he made a special journey to see her.

Something else Carl hates is cruelty - especially towards animals. "I have great sympathy for dogs or any animals who seem to have been ill-treated. When I was a child I used to bring anything home that had strayed. Last year when I was in Tunisia I saw a poor donkey who was frothing and bleeding and I had a fight with the geezer about it. It's disgusting, isn't it, the way some people treat animals?"

Well, hope we've proved that Carl is a phoney. He's not vicious or hard, but very kind and helpful. Quite frankly, I think the real Carl Wayne is ten times better than the Carl Wayne "image" - don't you? 

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