"Carl Wayne dreams he's the last man left alive in the world"

Rave, August 1969


Everyone has a dream he can never forget. A dream, good or bad, that occurs again and again. Pop people are no exception. They have the same haunting dreams. RAVE asked Carl Wayne to re-live his dream with us.

I dreamed I was in bed and wondering what the time was. It was the daylight outside but it was grey and cloudy. The clock on the wall said 12, but it had stopped, so it could really have been any time. I called out to the boys, waiting for an answer, but nothing. I got up and got ready and was annoyed to think they'd all gone off without me. I picked up the phone and dialled TIM and it was 10 o'clock. I then decided to phone around to a few friends. All the phones rang, but no one answered them. All out, I thought. I'll go for a walk, I decided, and on the way out picked up the paper from under the front door. I'll go down to the park and have a quiet read.

As I walked into the street the first thing I noticed was the silence, just like a Sunday, no traffic, no people, just deserted streets. Somehow, something was still drawing me to the park. I walked over the grass, hoping to see someone, even a dog, but nothing. Everywhere I went it looked like a ghost town. Rows of deckchairs, still standing and flapping in the wind, but no one sitting in them, not even birds singing in the trees. I sat down in one of the chairs and tried to clam myself so that I wouldn't panic. Suddenly I realised the world had ended and I was the last man alive.

I just sat there for what seemed like hours afterwards, wondering just what had happened to everything and why it hadn't happened to me. After due consideration, I decided to move to Buckingham Palace - if the gate was open, and went back to my room to pack my clothes. I didn't even bother to look for anyone else. There didn't seem any point.

That's when Roy Wood with whom I was sharing a hotel room, woke up to find me standing in front of the wardrobe taking clothes off the hangers, talking to myself!

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