"Christmas Is..."

Fabulous 208, December 1970

Poem by Carl Wayne

"Christmas Is..."

The height of happiness and fun
Three days holiday looking ahead to the New Year
The joy of buying presents, for my mother,
For grandmother a ton of coal!
Visiting Rackhams, the best Christmas store in Birmingham
Once in Royal David's City
Is We Three Kings
Is days of Christmas past, living in a flat 
above my father's business
December streamers, paper bells, cards pinned on the walls transforming
our home.
Morning, my first football in the Christmas stocking.
I knew what it was.
Goodwill, good times, good food and wine.
If I could pass an Act for snow to fall every year all night on
Christmas Eve
I'd gather round 500 people known and liked throughout my life and have
a happy Christmas Party.

CARL WAYNE, December 1970 


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