move press archive 


The Move's Warning to all Parents

(Top Pops, First edition,1967)


Spotlight on The Move featuring Carl Wayne  

(New Musical Express, March 2nd 1968)


Your Move - Interview with Carl Wayne

(Disc and Music Echo, March 9th 1968)


Movin' and Groovin'

(Rave, July 1968)


From Teeny Boppers To Tough Guys

(Record Mirror, August 31st 1968)


New Moves and Good Vibrations

(Rave, October 1968)


Move Break-Up Planned...?

(Record Mirror, December 21st 1968)


"We're Not So Tough"

(Rave, December 1968)


Blackberry Hit Saves The Move

(New Musical Express, January 25th 1969)


"YOU saved the Move from splitting!"

(Disc and Music Echo, January 18th 1969)


Singer Who Couldn't Say "I'm Sorry"

(Disc and Music Echo, February 1st 1969)


New Move in Violence

(Top Pops, March 8th 1969) 


One at a Time: Carl Wayne

(Top Pops, April 5th 1969)


Carl Wayne on the Move

(Record Mirror, September 6th 1969)


The Rave Interview

(Rave, December 1969)


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