carl on the move

Tiles Club, Oxford St, London 1966

"We aren't like a lot of other groups. We are very different people with our own things going and our own ambitions. We're a funny sort of group. We can't stand fakes, yet our image isn't us. We're five nice blokes." (1969)

"We don't exactly go looking for trouble, but it seems to find us because that's the kind of people we are. The pop musicians we really admire in this business are those who don't care a f*** for the establishment." (1968)

Marquee debut Feb 1966

"We're not a musical group; we're not great players like Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Winwood and Traffic. We're good enough-competent-and we've got something extra called excitement." (1968)


"Is our stage act sexy? It's disgusting! There's no doubt about it, it's vulgar and obscene, and if I was a father I wouldn't let my daughter see it." (1968)


Carl 1968



"An Arfar is a modern yob, a 1968 Teddy Boy. We dig rockers. Rockers are great." (1968)



"Our new LP is retrogressive. It's a 1964 type sound. Most modern LPs contain twelve tracks that all sound roughly the same. Every track on ours is different. In its commerciality it is one of the best LPs that will be released." (1968)


Shazam sessions 1969

Carl and his infamous axe.

"People are scared of us - I don't know why. Other groups seem to shy away from us and some of the fans are terrified." (1968)

"Tony Secunda was incredible. He gave us the leadership and guidance that we needed. We were always willing to be his puppets." (2000)

Move with Tony Secunda prior to second hearing, 1967

Speakeasy, 1966


"The Move destroyed televisions for the same reasons as they destroyed effigies - we considered that it was a bad influence on a community." (1967)

"It was the '60s and we were up against the might of The Establishment. We were very scared and just did what we were told...if it had been the '90s we would have fought it all the way, but at that time rock stars simply did not take on the Prime Minister." (1997, looking back on "Harold Wilson v A. Secunda & Others")

High Court, 1967 

Carl with Roy Wood, celebrating 1st Anniversary of Tiles Club

"There is nothing forceful or progressive about Roy...I don't know what goes on in Roy's head. There is a sort of childlike simplicity in everything he does and says." (1968)

"We had four good years, but a cancer developed in the Move in that we wouldn't admit to outright commercialism. We made good commercial records, but pretended we were really something we were not...I am quite sad that the Wood-Wayne partnership has finally broken up because, despite the differences, we were an inspiration to each other." (1970)

Carl leaves the Move 1970

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