Movin' and Groovin'

Rave, July 1968

Interview with Carl by Maureen O'Grady

Everything in the Move camp, as Carl Wayne says, is "beautiful." the Move at the moment are busy laying down tracks, as he puts it, ready for their new single.

"Our next single won't necessarily be a Roy Wood composition. Roy, like a lot of songwriters, does get his blank phases, and our next one may be written by a fellow called Dave Morgan who's with the Uglies. Trev and I have our own company for singers and song publishers, called Move Songs Ltd., and apart from Dave, we've also signed up Rich Tandy. We heard some of his stuff, and it's just beautiful. The next Move single is not definite; an EP., tentatively titled "The Live One," recorded live at the Marquee Club in London is definite for this month. Tracks will include "Somethin' Else," the old Eddie Cochran number, "Rock 'n' Roll Star," by the Byrds, "It'll Be Me," "Sunshine" and "Stephanie Knows."

The boys are now without Ace Kefford. How do they regard the split? Says Carl: 

"We're much happier now, all of us, including Ace. We've had some bad reactions from the fans, blaming me or one of the others, but it wasn't anyone's fault in particular. We were just incompatible with Ace. The four of us now are pretty close. I go around a lot with Trev, Roy and Bev. It's all too beautiful."

The Move had always had a reputation for being wild, and their recent performance at the Rome Pop Festival was no let-down. 

"I don't know what happened. The audience and the police just lost their cool. We did what we considered to be a normal act. We warned them that we were using explosions. But when all the banging started, the police, armed with guns, rushed up on stage and switched the equipment off! They just went mad! After that happened we went straight into our last number and called it a day. We just flew into Rome and straight out again. It was quite a nice idea, but on the whole a drag - though we livened it up a bit."

The Move have been set to go to America quite a few times, but have never quite made it. Carl explained: "We get enough offers, but we just don't want to go over there as a small unknown British group. We're known a lot and dug by the underground pop fans but not by the masses. We want at least a couple of hits under our belt before we make the trip."

Wouldn't it help to sell records if they made a promotional trip?

"No, we're just not the type to travel to other countries, trying to start up again from scratch with all that hard slog to go through again. We've worked hard to get where we are now. There are about 250 million people in the States. If we did one concert, that would only hold 5,000 people and it would take too long to cover all the ground."

The Move have always been a controversial group, and well-known for their quick tempers. "But," says Carl, "people these days seem to pick on us before we even do anything. We're not that violent off-stage, although we have been known to get into the odd punch-up! We're really in the Stones-Faces-Hendrix-Who bag, with a pretty wild image. We're happy with it though, and don't intend changing. As always, anything can happen when we're around!" 

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