Just in time - YOU saved the Move from splitting!

Disc and Music Echo, January 1969

Interview with Carl 

If "Blackberry Way" hadn't suddenly appeared in the chart this week, you wouldn't have been looking at this picture - because the Move would be no more.

"We said that if this wasn't a hit we'd split," said Carl Wayne. "A lot of groups feel like this after a couple of hit records - it's not the money, we don't consider that important and we could still make plenty - it's more a matter of pride and prestige."

The group left on Wednesday for dates in Amsterdam, Munich, Hamburg and Dusseldorf and are due to leave for their first tour of America next Friday.

"We've been supposed to be going to America for so long now that I won't believe we're going until I'm on the plane," said Carl.

"Blackberry Way" was written by Roy Wood, who has been responsible for former Move hits such as "Night of Fear", "I Can Hear the Grass Grow" and "Fire Brigade."

"We reckon Roy is only surpassed as a songwriter by Lennon and McCartney," said Carl. "He's naturally a very commercial writer. Our one drastic miss was 'Wild Tiger Woman'" 

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