“One of The Family: The Englishman and The Mafia”


Written by John Pearson

Published by Century

ISBN: 1844131823

Hardback: 6th November 2003

Paperback: Spring 2004


"If you want to know about life with the Move - read this!"

Carl Wayne 


In "One of the Family", John Pearson tells the inside story of Wilf Pine, the first Englishman to be admitted to the Mafia. He introduced himself to Pearson at Ronnie Kray's funeral and persuaded him to write his story - a story even more extraordinary than that of the Krays.

John Pearson's The Profession of Violence created the myth of the Kray twins, and remains a classic of True Crime, the best book ever written on East London villains and a book that started a mini publishing industry. Pearson knows the London crime scene very well, which is why he was surprised, while attending Ronnie Kray's funeral, to see a man to whom all the other villains deferred, but whom he didn't recognize. Investigation revealed that this man, the Englishman, never mentioned in any of the previous books on villainy because everyone was to scared to mention his name, was as legendary a figure on the streets of New York as on the streets of London. Pearson persuaded him to talk to him - and the result was a story even more extraordinary than that of the Krays. He became the adopted son of Joey Pagano, the head of one of the major New York crime families. Here the Englishman tells the story that no-one else dared to tell. 

Of interest to fans of Carl Wayne and the Move, is the fact that Wilf Pine was a minder for the band during the height of their popularity and success in the Sixties. A fascinating read, the book is littered with references to the Move and Carl himself.

The book is currently only available in hardback and can be obtained online from www.amazon.co.uk or ordered from your local book shop. A paperback edition of the book will be released in the Spring. Full review and excerpts coming soon!


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