The Lost Planet



Jeff Lynne

"The three tracks I made with Carl Wayne were called My World, Get A Hold Of Myself and a new version of Mama, all of which I thought Carl sang splendidly. We never quite finished them. (backing-wise)." Jeff Lynne

"Can't heap too much praise upon this. It's just so delicious, so fresh and for those who had faith in The Idle Race, The Move and ELO, it's a very lovely surprise." Roy Hollingworth - Melody Maker, April 1973

The second release in EMI's First Light Harvest remaster series celebrates the 30th Anniversary of "ELO 2" on 31st March 2003. Following the success and critical acclaim of series' debut "Electric Light Orchestra", tracks have again been remastered by Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios under the approval and direction of Jeff Lynne. "ELO 2" will initially be available as a limited edition with a bonus CD entitled "The Lost Planet". The 2-CD package is crammed full of recently discovered unreleased material, never before published photos and memorabilia (many from band members' own private collections), exclusive sleeve notes, rare interviews and original reviews, plus new commentary by the musicians who played for the Electric Light Orchestra during 1972 and 1973. 

Carl in the early 1970s

One highlight is an unreleased session ELO recorded with Carl Wayne as lead vocalist on three previously unreleased Jeff Lynne ELO songs. Recorded at George Martin's Air Studios in February 1973, the tracks included a new previously unheard version of ELO 2's "Mama" and all three songs feature Carl in great voice. Also included is Jeff Lynne, Bev Bevan and Carl's own exclusive commentary on their recording session together. A further previously unreleased session features ELO with glam superstar Marc Bolan. If that was not enough, ELO 2 includes both of ELO's early classic hits, Roll Over Beethoven and Showdown.

"I was pleased to sing those songs with Jeff, but I'd be more interested in singing them again now! I've matured as a singer, become more controlled in how I interpret a song. I would love to interpret a dozen of Jeff's songs from scratch, sit down with some great players and see what we could come up with. Not that Jeff needs it.but I'd love it!" Carl Wayne, 2002


A reunion of sorts around an AIR Studios recording session that featured Carl Wayne, The Move's original lead singer with Jeff Lynne, Richard Tandy, Bev Bevan and Mike De Albuquerque - in other words the "electric" part of ELO minus the "orchestra". Rumours of the session even occurring had long since been forgotten but three years after leaving The Move, Wayne was searching for a new song to record as a single, preferably one with a heavier, soulful sound that would move him away from the lighter, pop-style he had been steered into. New manager Don Arden suggested Jeff Lynne, who at the time was also under his management with ELO. Lynne wrote two new songs and reworked ELO 2's Momma, finishing them off the day of the session in the band's minibus as they travelled down the M1 motorway from Birmingham. 

The three Jeff Lynne songs recorded were My World, Get A Hold Of Myself and Mama. Fully illustrated sleeve notes have commentary from Jeff Lynne, Bev Bevan and Carl Wayne on the session and feature complete lyrics and previously unpublished photos. The Carl Wayne & ELO version of Mama will also appear in edited form as one of four tracks on a special ELO radio EP, designed to promote the ELO 2 remaster. As Carl is now the lead singer for The Hollies, expect to hear Mama during his promotional interviews for the forthcoming Hollies 40th Anniversary celebrations (World Tour beginning February, Greatest Hits and Box Set during April.)

To hear an exclusive sample of Your World please click here (Please note, this preview sound file is unavailable elsewhere and is exclusive to Carl Wayne's official website) Lyrics of Carl's three recordings coming soon.

For further information on ELO 2, plus worldwide ordering details (copies will be shipped before the official release date) please visit the Official ELO 2 website


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