Et Cetera feat. Carl Wayne 

Major Oak Records CD 181.556 / 181.557 (Distributed by MCP Sound & Media AG)

Review and Reaction

"I am LOVING my Carl Wayne Christmas singles. What a treat!" Harold Montgomery, USA

"When is Carl going to do his first Christmas Album? He is so suited to singing this stuff, as he is with every song he puts his mind to." Kaz Earl, Plymouth, UK

"In Sweden we call a record like this an "earsnack". That  is a good description of "White Christmas" Now we're hoping for Carl to record together with his friends in the Hollies. This CD makes us even more hopeful." Bo Nordestedt, Sweden

"Carl's take on this song slips on as comfortably as a favorite warm sweater on a cold winter's day. The True Feelings and Radio mixes are warm, jazz-ish arrangements, with sax adornment, bells that glisten like tinsel on the intro, a backing chorus that allows Carl to explore some new vocal nuances with the tune - what captivates is how effectively Carl's beautifully "restrained power" and vocal flourishes complement this updated version, when Bing's magnificent template is the work of a pure crooner." Bruce Brandt, Des Moines, USA

"This disc offers three takes on the holiday classic. "True Feelings Mix" and "Radio Mix" feature Wayne's deep, soulful vocals in lush synthesizer arrangements. "Swing Mix" is lighter and more fun as Wayne takes a carefree approach that recalls the Rat Pack days of Sinatra, Martin and Davis." Terrence Flamm, Chicago, USA

"I would go as far as to say, Carl's version has caused me to now love a song I used to hate." Gordon Jamieson, Scotland

"...makes me feel all warm inside." Shaz Pratt, Plymouth, UK

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