helen macdonald - 3rd july 2002 

Carl and Helen somewhere in London

Carl Wayne: Now, briefly joining me in the studio is the girl who runs my website, www.carlwayne.co.uk, the brilliant Helen Macdonald. She's just going to tell me very quickly how important websites are and the internet in general. Good afternoon, Helen, how're you doing?

Helen Macdonald: Fine, thanks.

CW: You do a tremendous job with my website. It's won how many awards now?

HM: About four, I think, so far. It's going brilliantly.

CW: It's extraordinary the amount of effort that you put in.

HM: Yes. It's hard work, but it's great fun. Regarding the importance of the internet these days, with so many people now being on line at home or at work...

CW: Explain "on line", so that people know.

HM: Connected to the internet, the facility to connect to the internet.

CW: I think my mother's connected to the internet!

HM: Is she?! (laughter from both)

CW: I don't know about that....!

HM: Websites in general, I think, are brilliant for marketing, promotion, just information at the click of a button, really, on anyone and anything. There's so much you can find out. 

CW: And everything, of course, you see on television these days and you hear about, refers to a website, doesn't it?

HM: Absolutely.

CW: So, the immediacy of it is great.

HM: Yes, you've seen yourself this week with your guests, for the research you just have to look them up and you've got their biog in front of you within seconds. It's just a brilliant tool, I think.

CW: That's just extraordinary that you get a guest say coming in here, people may be reluctant, or maybe their offices aren't on the case. As you said, you want to get some information on them, you just log into the web and it's all there before you.

HM: Yep.

CW: So, you don't do this professionally, because I know you work somewhere else.

HM: I do! 

CW: You do this out of love, don't you?

HM: I do, it's a hobby. Yours is the only one I do, as you know.

CW: I don't think it's going to be the only one, though, because you're so good at it!

HM: Hopefully. Maybe it could be a future career option for me, we'll see.

CW: So, people who know about me or anything that I've done. Obviously they log into the internet, you can go into what they call a web cafe, what do you do, tell me.

HM: You type the address into the browser, which, as you've just said is www.carlwayne.co.uk You'll have on your screen the front page with a menu on the left hand side, with lots of different pages that you can hook into. You've got your full biog, a gallery with lots of nice photos, the history of The Move, your current work with The Hollies, everything that you've done and everything you're doing now.

CW: And also it's a way of connecting with fans and with people who want to know not only what The Hollies are doing but also what I'm doing.

HM: One of my newest features is a mailing list whereby people can join up with their email address. It's a really nice, friendly community we've got growing. I send out all the latest news, they chat about you and what you do, and make friends. 

CW: There's also another remarkable thing, I get lots of letters from people who knew me in Birmingham, for instance, what's this friends united website?

HM: That is quite a recent thing, it's been created for people to find their old school. there is a list under every school of everyone that has joined the website, with a contact email. So old friends can get in touch with each other. 

CW: Friends Reunited.

HM: That's right, yes.

CW: Well, thanks Helen, I'll talk to you again in a little while.

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