Munich, Germany, 8th July 2002

Set List

I Can't Let Go / Here I Go Again / Jennifer Eccles / Just One Look / Bus Stop / On a Carousel / Sorry Suzanne / Yes I Will / Look Through Any Window / Blackbird / Blowin' In The Wind / Carrie Ann / Stop! Stop! Stop! / The Air That I Breathe

Blackberry Way / Tiger Feet / Long Cool Woman / He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother / It's In Every One of Us

Photo copyright Helen Macdonald

Munichís Tollwood festival seems almost continuous, with the Summer one having been in full swing for weeks already by the time we arrived, and the plans for Winter 2002 and Summer 2003 now well under way.

The festival is held in the sprawling Olympiapark, which was host to the Olympics in 1972 and located in a quiet and central part of the city called MŁnchen-Schwabing. Iíd checked into a hotel just around the corner, so decided to make my way down to the festival site mid-afternoon to explore. It was absolutely roasting hot as I made my way down to the leafy park, and the festivities were in full swing by the time I arrived. 

The concert venue itself was an enormous big-top style tent (the biggest yet!) surrounded by a bustling mass of craft and food stalls. I had trouble locating it to start with, but soon found my way by following the familiar strains of the bandís sound check. The interior was huge, with rows of seats at the back, bars at the front, and masses of standing room. Following sound check Carl and I explored the craft fair for a while, amazed by the quality and diversity of goods on sale.

Evening came, and the big-top filled with eager punters, all bagging their spots at the front of the stage early on. The Hollies were very eagerly anticipated tonight. The support act was a very loud and interesting percussionist who got the crowd going nicely. Our boys took to the stage at 8.15pm to thunderous applause and gave another tremendous performance, despite the rising heat inside the tent. The set list was the same as Gaffenburg, with the addition of 'Blackbird'.  

Photo copyright Helen Macdonald

The hits went down a storm in this bigger venue, which really did seem to be full of many genuine fans tonight. Rayís 'Blackbird' was very well received with some of the crowd copying his finger clicking in amusement. I always make a point at looking around at the faces of the crowd at these festivals, and tonight they were glowing, not only with the heat, but out of sheer appreciation and enjoyment. Carlís German was as well-received as ever, as he counted in the intro of 'Long Cool Woman' and demanded that the crowd jump with him during 'I Canít Let Go' and 'Stop Stop Stop'. This huge crowd really did jump too, it must have looked great from the stage.

'Air' and 'Heavy' carried their usual amazing emotional charge, with a seemingly traditional sway of cigarette lighters through the whole audience. 'Itís In Every One of Us' went down particularly well. As Ray, Alan and Tony joined Carl around the microphone, their voices mingling and soaring alongside his, the harmonies swelling and filling the tent, an audible wave of admiration travelled through the crowd. It is never certain how this a capella prayer-style piece will be received, especially by a large crowd, but it was a sure hit tonight. 

Photo copyright Helen Macdonald

A beautiful end to another terrific evening out in Germany.

Review and photos by Helen Macdonald

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