Hyannis, USA, 1st August 2002

Set List

I Can’t Let Go / Stay / Just One Look / Bus Stop / Look Through Any Window / Stop in the Name of Love / Peggy Sue Got Married / Blackbird / Too Young to be Married / On a Carousel / Blowin' in the Wind / The Air That I Breathe / Carrie Ann / Stop Stop Stop / Long Cool Woman / He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

It's In Every One of Us

Hyannis is a village within the town of Barnstaple, which is on the peninsula of Cape Cod. Hyannis was originally an American Indian settlement but was sold to early Old World settlers in the 1600s. Village though is not the description I would give to this modern friendly community. The whole area is picturesque, with a very warm feeling of space and nature. The waters around Cape Cod are regularly visited by whales, which are great tourist attraction here and the whole area is surrounded by vast areas of forestland.

I visited the venue site earlier in the day; it is a huge open sided tent in the middle of a very woody rural area. This though was not the tents we had experienced in Germany; this one was set out in true theatre style, the seats being tiered and the venue circular in shape with stage placed in the middle of the seats. The organizers boasted that no seat was more that 50 feet from the stage and they were right.

Well, what a night! The first surprise was that our central positioned stage revolved, it was as Tony said a whole new meaning to their song ‘Carousel’! This was The Hollies at 360 degrees viewing and made for an interesting evening as each member of the band passed by on this very slow ride! The first act on stage was The Lovin' Spoonful and they were a pleasure to listen to. The audience, on this warm August evening, warmed to them immediately.  

Carl at Hyannis. Photo copyright Charlie Borrington

Then came The Hollies, down a central aisle through the crowd and on to the stage. They bounced into ‘I Can’t let Go’ and you could see the band was on form for a good night, if a little amused at first by the moving stage. The crowd took them to their hearts immediately and song after song was greeted with loud applause and cheers.The inclusion of ‘Stop in the Name of Love’, was a roaring success with the crowd. Carl’s lead vocal on this was excellent, with some great harmonies and a good guitar piece by Tony. ’Peggy Sue’ followed it as Carl left the stage disappearing among the crowd to the rest of band’s amusement. There was another good solo by Tony in ‘Too Young’, but ‘Carousel’ was one of the set pieces of the night for me. The Hollies revolving round their audience, all trying to keep straight faces while singing this song is another memory I will cherish. I think I can now say I have seen them perform from every angle! 

'Carrie Ann', 'Stop, Stop, Stop' and 'Long Cool Woman' had the crowd on their feet clapping and dancing. But the must touching moment was Carl’s dedication of ‘Heavy’ to the New York fireman of September 11th. Sat in that crowd you could feel the wave of still strong emotion in those people and their sadness at that terrible event and Carl and the rest of the boys sang 'Heavy' so beautifully and with such great feeling for that crowd, it was a privilege to be with them tonight.

The applause at the end was thundering and I think even the band were taken aback by the sheer pleasure that was emitted from that Hyannis audience. 

Cape Cod Melody Tent

Review by Carol Borrington

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