Hurlstone Park Club, Canterbury, Australia

7th February 2001

I saw The Hollies with Carl Wayne last night at Canterbury/Hurlstone Park RSL Club near Sydney, Australia. The show had little or no fanfare apart from in the clubs foyer! No TV and very little radio and no press. 

The band came on at 8:15pm and played till around 10:00pm non-stop. I hadn't seen them since 1984ish and had never seen Carl before. What a voice! Outstanding, and he claims to have had some throat trouble this night too though I couldn't tell! 

The band were as good as ever with those fantastic harmonies to the fore as always but possibly better with Carl at the helm (taking nothing away from the sadly missed Allan Clarke of course). I was very impressed with the version of  'Flowers in The Rain' complete with rain and thunder intro! Perfect rendition. Other highlights were: 'Stop, Stop, Stop' with amazing banjo from Tony; 'Too Young To Be Married' (which was a big hit down under) featuring a superb Spanish guitar solo from Tony; a stunning McCartney 'Blackbird'  and beautiful renditions of  'Yes I Will', 'On a Carousel' and 'Carrie Anne'. The jam-ridden 'Long Cool Woman' and the show-closing triumph of  'He Ain't Heavy' were left until last.

But they weren't finished yet! They finished with an all-to-brief  acapella of  'It's In Every One of Us'.

There were no real low points though unfortunately they didn't do 'Blackberry Way' which I was looking so much forward to nor 'Tiger Feet' as Mud never charted with any of their singles here. Overall a superb show from the masters of entertainment. Hope it's not another 10 years before they come back!

Review by Ian McCarthy

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