Soldier's Song

SOLDIER’S SONG – Et Cetera feat. Carl Wayne 

MAJOR OAK RECORDS - CD 181.547 (Distributed by MCP Sound & Media AG)


Photo by Arnim Kilgus

Review and Reaction

"Very theatrical arrangement by Et Cetera. Amazingly (yet again), even with all that is going on musically, our man Carl's vocal rises to the fore. Wonderful interpretation of the lyric - Carl's theatrical experience really serves him well in his ability to not only sing a song, but put forth the meaning behind the lyrics, and it's wonderful to hear the strength in his vocal as well." John DeSilva, USA

"Carl's version of Soldiers Song is brilliant, sung with such passion. This guy can sing, think he may have a future" Anthony Strelley, Australia

"Carl may give up his day job but not the night job with The Hollies. If anything in this  universe could drive me more in my quest to hear those boys record together, it is this CD" Carol Borrington, UK

"Carl's vocals suit this song so well; lots of atmosphere and strong emotional feeling. Could listen to it all the time. Now I finally have this excellent song sung by Carl in my possession I want more !!" Linda Janes, UK

"Great version of "Soldier's Song". Carl is at the peak of his singing career. He can still belt out the high notes. I would love a new album, be it with the Hollies or solo" Andy Footman, UK

"...just to say that the CD is SUPERB" Tony Piper, UK

"Received my CD yesterday and I think it is brilliant. Version 3 is my personal favourite. Hope there are more recordings to follow. My choice of songs for a future CD would be "Blowin' In The Wind", "The Baby" and "Yes I Will", all of which suit Carl's voice perfectly" John Truman, UK

"Soldier's Song is almost like "love on the rebound", but also a great deal more. It is that damn brilliant. If Carl were to remain with a non-recording Hollies but treasures like "Soldier's Song" were the compensation, I could suffer through that state of affairs. Don't want to, but could! I recognize that after thirty-seven years of service, Allan Clarke naturally will always be considered by most people to be the voice of the Hollies, my ears are not totally exempt either. I'm content to simply consider Carl THE VOICE, period." Bruce Brandt, USA

"CD arrived today. Brilliant (though I knew it would be)" Martin Kinch, UK

"I've just received Carl Wayne and Et Cetera's version of Soldier's Song. Many thanks for a truly wonderful CD!!! Carl's strong voice gives more power to the song than the Hollies original. Though that was excellent as well, Carl's version is mighty! I'm just sorry that The Hollies didn't re-record it together with Carl." Bo Nordestedt, Sweden

"Verdict - absolutely brilliant. All three versions are very theatrical and very Carl and sang from the heart. A very wise decision - it will make a lot of fans like us very happy. Let's hope there will be more to come and it will prompt the Hollies themselves into doing some new recordings with Carl very soon." Pom Tann, UK

"I forgive the postman for being late, this was certainly worth waiting for. Brilliant!! The shopping can wait, must play it again. Haven't decided yet which version I like best. Thanks Helen and especially thanks to Carl" Margaret Cullingworth, UK

"I received my Carl Wayne CD today. "Soldiers Song" is a hauntingly beautiful song, sung with true feeling by Carl. Well done Carl, even if you had to go it alone." Kathy Collier, Australia

"The three versions are great! I had shivers all the way up and down my spine throughout the song! Carl's vocals are great, they're so strong and powerful, I nearly started crying at the end and the guitar solo is a knock out! I have to go and listen again!"  PJ Harding, UK

"Well, my copy of Soldier's Song arrived the other day and it hasn't left my CD player since. I LOVE version three best and the track four is haunting (in a good way). It's brilliant." Harold Montgomery, USA 

"I sat mesmerized as I listened to Carl sing those somber lyrics with the great emotion that he always gives when he sings this song. My spine tingled as I listened to the war sounds on the 2nd and 3rd versions, especially with what happened recently in the Middle East. Obviously Carl has his thoughts on the soldiers, like us all, as he recorded this song." Christine Wilson, Australia 

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