The Point of No Return

Maria Kesselman and John Dulieu
Take That Look Off Your Face Fiona Hendley
Chanson d'Enfance Stephanie Lawrence
Tell Me On A Sunday Carl Wayne
Don't Cry For Me Argentina Marti Webb
All I Ask of You Stephanie Lawrence and Carl Wayne
As If We Never Said Goodbye Maria Kesselman
On This Night of a Thousand Stars Carl Wayne
Seeing is Believing Fiona Hendley and Paul Jones
Think Of Me Stephanie Lawrence
Unexpected Song Paul Jones
Wishing You Were Somewhere Here Again Stephanie Lawrence
The First Man You Remember Stephanie Lawrence and Dave Willetts
I Don't Know How To Love Him Fiona Hendley
Make Up My Heart Claire Moore
With One Look Maria Kesselman
Half a Moment Carl Wayne
Anything But Lonely Stephanie Lawrence
The Last Man In My Life Fiona Hendley
The Perfect Year

Anita Harris

Details: Uk title released 1999. Features tracks lifted from the "Andrew Lloyd Webber Songbook" and the "Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection"

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