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Air Max 2015 inherited the "older generation" of Air Max 360 whole palm cushion, and provides a powerful cushioning foot feeling, while the proportion in the end by reducing the use of materials to further reduce the weight of the shoe body. Shoes Logo inverted design, just to avoid the exposed part of the dynamic fly line, so that the sides will not be too messy, so that the shoes look more "pure" thickening treatment at the ankles, and on the overall package and stability will improve a lot. Air Max, as NIKE (Nike) top sneakers has been highly sought after by fans. Fans want to see is not a long version of the Air Max 2015, and in the long marathon road, do not have a seductive power equipment should be less afraid half. Sell ​​to a good running shoes uppers and even sole, Nike has always been the best at doing, looking at the "double 11" so that the entire network becomes like playing with blood, Nike has also decided on the same day to launch Nike Air Max 2015 NIKEiD exclusive customized services, there is nothing wrong section of the Nike Air Max 2015 can also be customized air max 2015, This custom service will be November 11 world premiere Chinese website, you can completely according to their appetite, custom unique pair of running shoes. Nike Air Max 2015 modified in that the upper maximum of the upper simplified design, except that a single layer design provides good ventilation effect outside, tongue and other parts of the double-layer design is still used to increase comfort. Meanwhile Nike Flywire fly line is implanted vamp to get better, and compatible with more foot parcel shape. The heel design in addition to the use of the foam to get a soft support, but also bring a lighter quality, and, Air Max 2014 compared, Nike Air Max 2015 lighter around 50g. Coupled with the whole foot Max Air expectations, as beginners do not need to think too much about running posture bring trouble, tubular structures can be the first step to incorporate more air, from the heel to the toes off the ground, such as a series of actions to provide strong support to convert . You know, the degree of support and cushioning can always shift, if not require long distance running, Nike Air Max 2015 is sufficient to meet their needs. But these are not the focus, when a pair of eye-catching shoes on their feet or give Meng Mei, 11 will double next year also worry a lonely man brush various pages and cart it? From the figure we can see, Air Max 2015 followed the predecessor of Air Max 360 whole palm cushion, providing a powerful cushioning foot feeling, but also by reducing the use of the ratio of the material in the bottom of the shoe body to further reduce weight. The most important upgrade points, is dynamic Flywire fly line technology into EM engineering mesh upper, and hot melt material together to provide a more complete package,cheap air max 1, while achieving a rapid lacing system. The Logo inverted design, just to avoid the exposed part of the dynamic fly line, so that the sides will not be too messy, anyway, whether it is "crooked hook" or "barb", as long as the hook point will become the user's attention. In the thickening processing ankle, on the overall package and stability will improve a lot. As for color, the exposure is somewhat polarized shoes, classic black and white color also allows users to have a more loyal to the traditional choice, and another gradient style and design before the ink used in large difference compared. Of course, there are some changes in order to encourage users to continue to update equipment powered pocket, "hook" must be well versed in the channel. The current release date and pricing are yet to be announced, we will continue to follow up bring up reports. Individual C-sponsor Nike to create a pair of gold for its specialized diamond Superfly football boots, this pair of special boots with a black gold color, gold represents the honor, and in the rear logo part CR7 sneakers, but also the distinctive The use of diamond pieces embellished, it is very chic. Diamond pieces are polished diamonds during the fragments embedded in the CR7 logo meaning, representing the C Lo transformation along the way, although already the world's highest level of athletes, but still trying to raise the level. 2015, Nike introduced the latest NIKE WOMEN women's sports events,seeking to bring new impetus to challenge women. The series includes NIKE WOMEN Women's road race series and N + TC Tour, the world's major cities, Toronto, London and Hong Kong to start, will be invited to more than 20 women from around the world gathered to participate in a series of unique and wonderful colorful Running and fitness activities, feelings of energy movement to bring. NIKE WOMEN women's sports events will be held in Nagoya Women's Marathon and N + TC Tour Shanghai station opened on March 8, with the fall of the San Francisco Nike Women's Half Marathon was successfully concluded. As the world's N + TC Tour's first stop in Shanghai will be for girls in the world who love sports NIKE WOMEN kick off a series of activities for March 8, 2015. NIKE WOMEN will be invited to the world's top coaches Nike convergence Shanghai, from 11:00 to sunset,cheap air max 90, for thousands of girls love sports offer wonderful N + TC programs and the attentive service, to spend this vibrant movement feast . "Last year I through N + TC and running training launched successfully challenged the 10 km run," SMG host Zhou Jin said, "in 2015, I will initiate a higher goal to challenge yourself to explore better." Nike contract伍雪琴 coach said: "N + TC Tour is a rave girls love sports as a coach, I hope NIKE WOMEN range of women's sports event can affect more girls to join our movement to bring together experience. energy, and enjoy exercise. "between March 1 to 7 date Nike will launch N + TC Week, female consumers love sports will be to those in iAPM Nike Women store experience to participate in Nike + Training Club training courses for their own election buy the best equipment to meet the N + TC Tour Movement party.

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